EIFS Mortar (External wall thermal insulation and finish system)

EIFS Mortar-External wall Thermal insulation and finish system

EIFS Mortar-External wall Thermal insulation and finish system

Polymer mortar for polyphenyl board thin plastering exterior wall external thermal insulation system.

Polystyrene board thin plastering exterior wall insulation system is made up of bonding mortar, polyphenyl board, plastering mortar, alkali resistant net cloth and so on. The bonding mortar and plaster mortar in adding redispersible emulsion powder and other additives due to its excellent performance is widely used on the market.

The relationed quality standard in China is as follows:

1. National standard: JG-149-2003 "expanded polystyrene board, thin plastering external thermal insulation system"

2. JGJ144-2004 technical specification for exterior wall insulation engineering

3. JC/T 992-2006 expansion polystyrene board adhesive for wall insulation

4. JC/T 993-2006 "wall insulation mortar" for expanded polystyrene board

5. JC 158-2004 "rubber powder polystyrene particle exterior wall insulation system"

6. DBJ/T 01-50-2002 "exterior wall external thermal insulation construction technical regulations (rubber powder, polyphenyl granule, insulation paste, glass fiber mesh cloth, anti crack mortar method")

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