Mortar Solutions-Other Chemical to Dry Mixed Mortar

Mortar Solutions-Other Chemical to Dry Mixed Mortar

Defoamer powder is one chemical of non-ionic surfactants for cement and gypsum based dry-mixed mortar mix. It is with character of easy dispersed, quickly anti-foamed, high stability, adaptability.

Powder defoamers are able to defoam microbubbles in producing building materials and the mortar can has excellent durability and shear stability and strength.

Silicone Hydrophobic Agent Is a new type of rigid waterproof material for building with good permeability and crystallinity. Crosslinking reaction happens between Si-Oh in themolecular structure and Si-OH in silicate materials under the condition of moisture. So called “anti-capillary effect” occurs to form an excellent waterproof layer. At the same time, it will have the effect of microdilatancy and increasing the compactnesss.

Protein Retarder 300R is one kind high per-performance retarder in powder form for gypsum based binders.

Wood Cellulose Fiber is a fiber form additives, which can be mixed with powder material such as cement, gypsum and lime etc to enhance the performance on anti-cracking, water retention, anti-shrinkage and anti-slag.

Polypropylene Fiber (PP Fiber) with polypropylene as its raw material, this fiber is produced by special technology. The products have net-like structure with many fiber monofilaments. 

When the fiber is put into the concrete, the horizontal structure in fiber monofilament can be destroyed in the course of stirring owing to friction and rubbing, and the fiber monofilament or net-like structure will fully stretch, thus the concrete is reinforced by a great number of polypropylene fibers.

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